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Have questions about the unique alternative Senior LIFE Washington provides to senior assisted living facilities and nursing homes? Want to learn more about how Senior LIFE Washington manages in-home nursing care, medical services, adult day care, senior recreation, senior transportation services and more? Interested in discovering how Senior LIFE Washington provides care for low-income seniors in Washington County?

Find out here in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Do members live at the Senior LIFE Washington LIFE center?

A: No, our members continue to live at home in Washington and other Washington County, Pennsylvania communities. Senior LIFE Washington is designed to enable quality senior care at home, with caregiver assistance, in-home nursing care, personal care, rehabilitation services, nutrition assistance, social support, medical service and senior transportation services all through one comprehensive program. Our Washington LIFE Center is open Monday thru Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. We have an On-Call Nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Q. How do I enroll into Senior LIFE Washington's program?

A: In order to be eligible for Senior LIFE Washington's plan of comprehensive health care, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 55 years of age.
  • You must live in one of our service areas.
  • Be eligible for Medicaid or able to pay privately.
  • Be able to live safely in the community.
  • Must be determined to be medically eligible by the Area Agency of Aging.

Q. How much does it cost to participate in Senior LIFE Washington?

A: There is no charge for persons eligible for, or already receiving, Medical Assistance. Senior LIFE Washington members receive comprehensive medical care, including home care and prescription drugs with no monthly premiums, deductibles, or co-pays.

For persons not eligible for Medical Assistance, we accept a flat monthly fee.

Q. Is Senior LIFE Washington a nursing home?

A: No. Senior LIFE Washington is a unique nursing home alternative. Our goal is to help our members maintain their independence and remain in their own homes as long as possible. If at some point a member can no longer safely stay at home, Senior LIFE's interdisciplinary team will consider placement in a nursing home as a treatment plan option.

Q. Where do most of the Senior LIFE Washington members live?

A: Senior LIFE Washington members can live in their own homes, senior housing complexes, apartments, or with family.

Q. If my mother becomes a member of Senior LIFE Washington and I would like to discuss something about her care, who should I call?

A: We encourage members and their caregivers to participate in the care planning process. Your primary contact for most questions and concerns would be any member of your mother's care team at the Washington LIFE Center. Our members and their caregivers are encouraged to call anytime.

Q. My parents want to join Senior LIFE Washington; can they still see their family doctor?

A: Senior LIFE Washington is a health plan, and like most other health plans, the doctors you can see must be one of our panel of contracted or center-based physicians. If your parents' physician is not one of our participating doctors, you may want to consider the following before you decide not to enroll:

Senior LIFE's primary care physicians and nurse practitioners have specific training and experience dealing with the unique problems that face seniors, such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

There are many healthcare and personal care services provided through Senior LIFE that are not typically paid for by most traditional health care plans. We are committed to providing you the quality of care to keep you as healthy and independent as possible so you may remain in your home.

Q. Does Senior LIFE Washington have an age requirement?

A: Yes. You need to be at least 55+ years of age to participate in Senior LIFE Washington.

Q. What are the financial requirements?

A: You need to be eligible for Medicaid or be able to pay a flat monthly fee.

Q. Do you have to live in a specific area to join the Senior LIFE Washington program?

A: Yes. You have to live in one of our service zip codes. They are as follows:

Senior LIFE Washington (serving Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania): 15060, 15078, 15301, 15311, 15312, 15313, 15317, 15321, 15323, 15324, 15329, 15330, 15333, 15340, 15342, 15345, 15347, 15350, 15358, 15360, 15361, 15363, 15367, 15368, 15376, 15377, 15378, 15379, 15412, 15417, 15419, 15423, 15427, 15434, 15438, 15477, 15483

Senior LIFE Greene (serving Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania): 15310, 15315, 15316, 15320, 15322, 15325, 15327, 15329, 15334, 15337, 15338, 15341, 15344, 15346, 15349, 15351, 15352, 15353, 15357, 15359, 15362, 15364, 15370, 15377, 15380, 15401, 15410, 15413, 15420, 15422

Q. Are there any health restrictions or requirements?

A: Senior LIFE Washington members must qualify for nursing facility level of care as determined through an assessment by the Area Agency on Aging, and must be able to be served in the community.

Q. If I meet these requirements how do I become a member?

A: You can contact Senior LIFE Washington at 724-222-5433 or click on the Get Started tab and a Senior LIFE representative will contact you review the eligibility requirements and begin the enrollment process. Click here to view the eligibility requirements.

Q. Will Senior LIFE Washington take my Social Security and SSI checks?

A: No. Members maintain control over their finances.

Q. What benefits would I receive if I joined Senior LIFE Washington?

A: Senior LIFE Washington, provides all appropriate benefits that a member needs, including nutritious meals, transportation to and from the center, recreational therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy just to name a few. You can request more information by calling Senior LIFE at 724-222-5433 or you can email us at info@seniorlifepa.com.

Q. I don't care for group activities. Would I have to come to the Senior LIFE Washington center every day?

A: Members generally attend the LIFE health center two to three times a week. However, some come five days a week, while others are there only a few times a month. Your level of attendance will be decided by you and your health care team.

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