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Watch our videos and see how Senior LIFE Washington provides a unique alternative to personal care homes senior assisted living facilities. Our homecare services help seniors stay at home longer. Senior transportation services make being a part of Senior LIFE easy. Our senior community center provides social interaction and senior recreation opportunities. And our medical care is done with expertise and a personal touch.

Senior LIFE Overview

What if you could reduce the chances of being placed in a nursing home? Independence is something every senior cherishes. The little things mean so much as we get older like quality medical care, access to transportation, services that maintain strength and wellness. With Senior LIFE, most people who qualify pay nothing for services, co-pays, or deductibles. Don't wait for a health crisis to take control of your life. Call 724-222-5433 today to schedule a tour and a free lunch at your local life center.

Senior LIFE Home Care

It's a well-known fact that when older adults continue to live independently in their homes they tend to live happier, healthier, fuller lives. It's also true that many seniors living at home, including those with medical issues or physical limitations, often need help with household chores and personal care to remain independent. That's why many older adults and their caregivers turn to Senior LIFE for help. For many Senior LIFE members, home and personal care are integral parts of the multifacteted, coordinated services plan we offer. Everyone who enrolls in Senior LIFE undergoes a thorough assessment by our interdisciplinary team of health care and social services professionals. Our staff works closely with each member to create a care plan tailored to their unique needs, including home care assistance, with activities like light housekeeping, personal care and bathing, home health and nursing care, or companionship visits where our staff spends quality time with members. We supplement home visits with programs like SeniorCALL, an automated phone service that checks in with members, issues reminders, and alerts an emergency contact if we suspect a potential problem. Home Services also help us keep an eye on members and monitor them for any changes in their conditions or other issues that might require changes to their care plan. Home Services also give caregivers, including family members, some well-deserved help and an occasional break, along with peace of mind knowing their loved ones are in good hands. For those who qualify it, costs nothing to enroll in Senior LIFE, and 98% of those who qualify for membership receive our services at no cost, per the enrollment statistics compiled by Senior LIFE. Our staff makes the enrollment process effortless for members and their families. It's all part of Senior LIFE's coordinated approach to care that that focuses on our members' well-being, to help them maintain their health and independence, and continue to live at home, safely and securely. We know that your goal is a better Senior LIFE — that's our goal, too.

Senior LIFE Medical Care

For many older adults, proper medical care is the foundation for maintaining quality of life and continuing to live independently. That's especially true for Senior LIFE members. Personalized medical care is central to our goal of improving members' quality of life and enabling them to continue to live at home independently. When a new member enrolls in Senior LIFE, our team of healthcare professionals performs a comprehensive assessment of their needs, including medical care. Our medical staff works with each member and their family to create a customized care plan. Our interdisciplinary team, including doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, and others, gets to know every member personally and can respond quickly to changes or to new health issues. Senior LIFE services are covered by Medicare and/or Medicaid and members receive all of their medical care at no cost through the Senior LIFE provider network, including medications and access to specialists within the provider network, in-patient care if necessary, nursing care, and eye, dental, and foot care. We maintain all of our members' medical records electronically and coordinate all specialist care. Our members and their families don't have to worry about completing and filing forms. Senior LIFE members who qualify pay no co-pays, deductables, or premiums, and receive prescriptions at no cost. While members must continue to pay their Medicare Part B premiums, there's no additional cost to become a Senior LIFE member. We believe Senior LIFE is the best program to keep seniors living at home. Research shows that members who receive care from organizations like Senior LIFE are more likely to maintain their physical function, less likely to require nursing home care, and spend fewer days there or in hospitals, and require only half as many hospital visits as the average Medicare enrollee. Better medical care — it means better health, and a better Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE Medications

Following doctors' medication orders and taking prescription drugs properly are critically important for older adults. Many seniors need help managing their prescriptions and making sure they take the right medications at the right times and in the correct doses. That's where Senior LIFE comes in. Prescription drug coverage and medication monitoring are mong the many services Senior LIFE provides to our members. Our team of healthcare professionals performs a comprehensive assessment of every new member's medication needs. Our physicians and medical staff work closely with each member and their family to determine the best medication compliance strategy, one that ensures the member receives and takes medications correctly and safely. We have a number of options for putting the plan into action and making it as convenient as possible for each member. We provide medication monitoring, and all of our members' medications are shipped directly to their homes and packaged in an easy-to-follow packaging system. Our members always have access to their nurse should they have any medication questions, and staff will help them set up their dispensing boxes if necessary to ensure they're taking the right medications at the proper times throughout the day. For members who need a medication reminder, SeniorCALL is available. These automated calls from Senior LIFE let members know when it's time to take their medications. SeniorCALL can even notify in a familiar loved one's voice of doctors' appointments or life center days. We also keep a careful eye on our members, monitoring them for any reactions, changes in their conditions, or new medical issues that might require changes in their medication regimen. We handle all prescription-related paperwork, so members and their families don't have to worry about completing and filing forms. And there are no co-pays for Senior LIFE members who qualify for our services. It's all part of Senior LIFE's coordinated approach to care, an approach proven to help older adults maintain their physical function, require fewer nursing homes or hospital stays, and continue to live independently at home. That's our goal — a better Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE Nutrition

Good food, enjoyed with great friends — lunch at a Senior LIFE center is a highlight of the day for many members. Who doesn't enjoy sharing conversation and laughs over lunch? But meals are more than a social function at Senior LIFE centers. That's why a licensed dietitian is part of every Senior LIFE interdisciplinary care team. Our dietitians work closely with Senior LIFE physicians and other healthcare professionals to assess each member's individual needs and develop an appropriate dietary plan as part of their treatment program. We put that plan into action by working with members to educate them about the importance of proper diet and eating habits, including the ways diet affects their health. We also educate them on ways to prepare healthier meals at home, and check their refrigerator during home visits to make sure fresh foods are on hand and that members are eating regularly, because proper nutrition and good eating habits are critical to the health of our members. Eating properly helps ensure that you receive essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are vitally important for older adults. Just as important, there's a clear link between diet and diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and many other medical conditions. We all understand the value of good nutrition. Our diet, like so much of what makes each of us unique, is a matter of habit. With help from our nutrition experts, members are improving their eating habits and their lives. Healthy eating creates a better Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE Physical Therapy

We recognize the importance of ongoing physical therapy, recreational therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. They're important for maintaining strength and balance, for minimizing falls, and for increasing the ability to live independently. For our members, regular exercise and therapy are provided on a routine basis at the Senior LIFE Center. Senior LIFE's trained licensed physical therapists work closesly with our staff physicians and interdisciplinary team to coordinate a therapy program that addresses each member's unique needs, like exercises that strengthen muscles and improve mobility and balance, or physical therapy that builds endurance to prevent falls, or occupational therapy to help members stay acclimated to their home setting, or speech therapy that helps our members improve cognitive functioning. Sure, therapy can be challenging at times, but a Senior LIFE therapist is by their side all the way, motivating, watching out for their safety, providing a hand and the encouragement to see it through. The results can be startling. Members report feeling stronger with ongoing therapy. Their balance improves, reducing their risk of falling, and they're able to walk farther and more often, without tiring. Most importantly, physical therapy helps Senior LIFE members find the strength to continue to do the daily activities of living, which allow them to continue to live independently and safely in their homes. Step by step, physical therapy helps our members reach their goal. It's our goal, too — a better Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE Social Work

It's a simple truth: as we continue to age, we're often faced with physical, mental, emotional or financial challenges that may affect our ability to live independently. Many at-risk seniors and their families can take advantage of services that help them cope with these challenges, but often we don't know where to turn for help. We don't know what services are available. We need guidance to choose the help we need and find the most affordable solutions. With the help of the Senior LIFE social work staff we offer a broad range of assistance and social services designed to help seniors maintain their independence. Everyone who enrolls in Senior LIFE undergoes a thorough assessment by our team of healthcare and social services professionals, who work closely with each member to create a care plan that addresses their unique needs. Each members has their own social worker who works closely with them and their family to guide and support them, providing advice, expertise, and information needed to make these critical choices. Members and loved ones can rely on our experience to get the information they need, understand their options, and make the best possible decisions. As life evolves, your Senior LIFE social worker is a knowledgeable, reassuring presence. It's all part of Senior LIFE's coordinated interdisciplinary team approach to care, designed to give our members the support and services they need to stay in the place they call home. Our goal is your goal too — a better Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE Team Consultation

The older we get, the more help we need. For many older adults, managing medical issues and living independently require the efforts and commitments of a number of people — caregivers, family members, and friends — and professionals, like the interdisciplinary care team at Senior LIFE, who are dedicated to helping older adults maintain their quality of life and remain in the community. We meet that goal by providing a wide range of health care, social, and other services that address our members' personal, medical, and social needs. It's a closely coordinated interdisciplinary team effort that creates a care plan based on individual needs. Upon enrollment, thorough assessments are completed by the care team, including physicians and nursing, social workers, therapists, nutritionists, and more, and as needs change, the care plan changes. The care plan is focused on preventative care to help you avoid nursing home placement. While your Senior LIFE team coordinates care, we encourage members' caregivers and family to take an active role in managing your health and your life. All of your care is coordinated through Senior LIFE. It's where you'll visit your doctor, your specialist, receive therapy, come for exercise and activities, socialize, and enjoy time with friends. Every member has a dedicated care team who get to know you when you visit the center or during home care visits, so you're comfortable with them, and they're better able to spot any changes in your conditions and adjust the services you need. We also work with family members and other caregivers, providing support that helps them to help you. Together, we're a team, keeping you in the home you love, and all focused on the same goal — a better Senior LIFE.

Senior LIFE Transportation

Mobility — the ability to get wherever we want to go, whenever we want to get there — is something we often take for granted. For many older adults, reliable affortable transportation options are a genuine lifeline linking them to the world and preventing them from becoming housebound and options. For our members, the Senior LIFE transport van is a convenient, reliable and safe link between our home and the world of services we provide. Our van is a convenient option for members who come to the Senior LIFE center for medical care, therapy, exercise, adult day care, or to socialize and enjoy lunch with friends. Our trained certified drivers are part of our interdisciplinary care team and help provide through-the-door transportation to ensure our members' safety at all times. Readily available transportation helps make sure that members keep their medical and specialist appointments coordinated by the interdisciplinary care team, and access to transportation helps us meet our most important mission — helping older adults to continue to live independently in the place they call home. With a little help from us, you stay on the road to better Senior LIFE.

Medication Management Simplified for Senior LIFE Participants and Caregivers

Managing medications as a caregiver the old way — with pill planners, trying to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy, trying to get them in all at one time so I can plan for the week — is really hard for us to do. Now, we get all of our medications at one time. They're all pre-poured. And as a caregiver it gives me peace of mind to know that every dose of the medication that she's receiving is correct. She's compliant with taking the medications. We can take the medication on the go if we travel.

Using this medication makes me much more independent.

Join Our Team

Kidness pays. Dedication pays. Commitment pays. At Senior LIFE, we're hiring member assistants, social workers, nurses and drivers to assist our members. We offer competitive rates, signing bonus, paid time off, flexible scheduling, and more. Call today for more information or apply online at QNSrecruiting.com.

The Senior LIFE Program

This is John. John worked hard for forty years as a welder, but now that he's retired his golden years aren't the way he imagined. He's got a heart condition that's really been limiting things, and over time, he's put on some weight. Even the little things that anyone can do for themselves are getting harder these days.

This is Mel, John's daughter. She's doing what she can to help her dad, but between tracking medications, attending medical appointments, and her own growing family, Melly is plain worn out. She wants to do what she can for her father, but at the end of the day, she's only one person and she fears sooner than later she'll have to take him to a nursing home.

But with Senior LIFE, the program of all-inclusive care for the elderly, everything is different. Senior LIFE offers services and professionals to help with all of John's needs: physical, medical, social, transportation and more. And what's great is, that because John is a Medicare and Medicaid recipient, Senior LIFE is a no out-of-pocket cost program.

Here's how it works. As a participant in Senior LIFE, John has an eleven person health care team, including therapists, a primary care doctor, a pharmacist, a dietitian, a social worker, a home care coordinator, a driver, and others. With a full team in place there are very few gaps in his care, and John has someone to help him with every aspect of his life.

Through Senior LIFE, John was introduced to Sandy, a home care coordinator; Tricia, a personal aide to give John a hand with his morning routine; Deon, who drives the wheelchair accessible Senior LIFE van that gets John to and from his doctor appointments and the adult day health center; Marty, his heart doctor; Jeff, his physical therapist; and lots of other helpers.

Now John is familiar with how to take his medications. He's eating better and losing some weight. His mornings are easier. The stairs aren't as dangerous as they once were. John is regaining his independence and Melly has some relief and can focus on enjoying visits with her dad and spending more time as a family. Because now their family is part of the Senior LIFE family.

Call Senior LIFE today at 1-877-998-LIFE or visit seniorlifepa.com.

Senior LIFE York

I have some health problems. I was worried about getting the help I needed to stay in my home. That's why I chose Senior LIFE. They provide transportation to the center, where I have my own doctors, nurses, and so much more. Like meals and activities with friends. Senior LIFE even comes to my home an helps with care and nutrition. Senior LIFE: solutions for seniors living at home.

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